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Dark red rash on arms

I had unprotected sex and after approx 10days, several small and slightly raised non-itchy red spots (similar to bug bites) started appearing on both of my hands and arms. At first, I thought they were just bug bites and ignored it but after a few days, some bigger flat spots about 1inch in size started appearing as well.  Its been about 6weeks now and although the small dark brown spots have faded away, the flat bigger patches remain the same. I went to a dermatologist who thinks it might be due to the sun as I do have a sun allergy. Also, the bigger patches resemble melanin spots. They didnt know what the small red spots were caused by. Do you think this could be ARS? I didnt have any other specific symptoms.
Pls help, Im very scared.
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Just take an antibody test now which will be 99% accurate.
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no one here can diagnose your rash based on what you are describing.  continue to work with your dr if the problem persists.

although a test now, at 6 weeks, will give you a very good indication of your status...only a test at 3 months post exposure will give you a conclusive result.
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Thank you for responding but can an ARS rash last 6weeks or more?
Also, is it possible to just have a rash without any other symptoms?
They say the rash is maculopapular but doesnt all rashes fall under this category to some extent.. Its driving me crazy when the symptoms of primary HIV that you read are soo broad in nature. Also why isnt there a 100% accurate test?  
Im beginning to question the facts about HIV as everything you read about this so called retro virus is soo vague.. Even swine flu has specific symptoms and yet after almost 30yrs of HIV research, people are still clueless about what the symptoms are supposed to be..how can that be?
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Just take an antibody test now which will be 99% accurate the rest is neither here nor there.Symptoms won't tell you anything about your HIV status.
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Your 3 month post exposure test will be conclusive as Lizzie advised you.
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