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Dear Dr hunter handsfield

I had an unprotected Vaginal exposure with a lady from Japan.(26 August 2014)
about 3 weeks later became ill with night sweats,fever,chills,sore throat.Still feel unwell some 5 weeks later.
this is my testing protocol.Can I say that my tests are 100% conclusive despite my symptoms or do I need to test again at 3 months.What about HIV 2?.
I tested so much because I was in extreme anxiety.(and still am) as i feel unwell.
I have had no sex since my exposure.(26 August 2014)

15th September HIV Duo test result Negative..
17th September HIV Duo test result Negative.
18th September HIV duo test result Negative.
22 September HIV Duo test result Negative.
23 September HIV Duo test result Negative..
30th September HIV INSTI TEST(RAPID TEST)Antibody only
2nd October HIV DUO TEST
7th October Duo HIV test and RAPID insti test(antibody)negative.
21 October HIV insti test negative .

Should I forget HIV and move on,I have a wife a new born son to worry about.

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You don't need to test anymore, you don't have HIV.
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Please keep in mind that DUO tests are considered conclusive at 4 weeks. Further, the more you test, the greater the odds of you getting a false positive. Trust the tests and the science. Test at the end of the accepted window period and move on. If you cannot do this, you need to seek out professional medical help that can help you work past anxiety issues.
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So in your opinion I'm HIV negative?
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