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Deep kissing

Hello I want ask question before 7 days I meet Philippines girl work with me in same place and we have deep kissing and she bite my lips too much then I sucked her **** for like 10 min and then I sleep over here and I get my penis out  and I was rubbing it over her vigaina but she was wearing underwear but iam afraid that some of vigaina fluid came out from here under wear on my penis is this but me on risk for hiv??and also for deep kissing I have poor mouth health and my gum bleeding after I bruising my teeth is this also but me on risk for hiv or any std if I have blood in my mouth and she have also iam so worried coz iam married guy and I don't do sex with my wife since this something I should be having test for this or just move on? Please help me
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

Kissing is not a risk for HIV.  Rubbing, even with fluids, is not a risk for HIV.  Sexually, HIV requires unprotected penis to anus or vagina intercourse in order to transmit.
So no need do testing for hiv and I come back normal with my wife ? Are u sure about it??
And about gum bleeding or gum disease coz I have bad health desise for my mouth is that okay? And no risk
And the biting the lips its also zero risk for hiv right?
Your question was answered fully that you had zero risk.  You don't have to keep asking your question several times again . . . the answer will not change.  No, nothing you did was a risk for HIV.
So I can go back with my wife normal? And having sex with her?
I mean I can move on from this and stop worrying about that and go back with my life with my wife without testing that's my last question and I will leave this form :)
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