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Discarded Needle and HIV fear(41 days post pep Ag Ab Combo negative)

Hello Dr Hunter,
Thank you so much for your service, I would like to apologize if I make some grammatical error. Almost 11 weeks ago, I was sitting on park and I saw discarded syringe. I saw kids playing there and I wanted to protect kids from syringe by throwing it away. I used gloves while handling the syringe. I didn't notice the syringe turn over or flip and I think I handled it properly. But, when I came home, I saw little scratch on back of my leg on my Thai. I was scared to death and washed with soap and hot water immediately. I saw little blood after i washed and went to ER immediately. Doctor on ER was saying that chance of contracting hiv if the scratch was from discarded needle is almost zero.He said, nobody ever contracted hiv through discarded needle on community setting. I was worried and ask him for PEP. He thought pep wasn't recommended for such a exposure from discarded needle scratch. I request him hard and he prescribed pep for 4 days and i got remaining 24 days pills from specialist. I finished pep without missing single doses. I have done following test after pep
1. Antibody test 1 weeks after pep( 5 weeks post exposure) which was Negative
2. Antibody test 5 weeks after pep( 9 weeks post exposure) which was Negative
3. Fourth generation Combo test in Emergency Hospital at 6 weeks after pep(69 days after post exposure)
My doctor at Emergency hospital says I wouldn't contract hiv from the scratch from discarded needle in park setting. But, thing is that i developed flue after 9 weeks of post exposure( 5 weeks post pep) and last still today on 11th week of post exposure. Thing is that i drank beers 2 days( 7 cane of beers each day) during the flue which might be effecting and making my flu worst. I saw blood from nose today when i sneeze too hard. My question is that
1. Is my 10 weeks post exposure( 41 days post pep(almost 6 weeks post pep) conclusive?
2. Are my 5 weeks post pep flue symptom are ARS related?
3. Do, i need further testing?
4. Has anybody ever contracted hiv from discarded needle from park setting?
5. I am not sure if i got scratch from discarded needle.Do i  contract hiv if i had scratch from discarded needle in park setting?
6. Do, i have worried about further testing after 12 weeks of post exposure?
Thank you so much for your help in advanced.
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And, the needle in syringe was bent and i didn't saw any visible blood on Syringe.
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The incident was in NewYork
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I agree with the two doctors who stated you did not have a risk and did not need to go on PEP treatment, but since you did, the recommendations for post-PEP HIV testing are six weeks, then three months FROM THE DATE OF EXPOSURE.

Thanks RubyWitch
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