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Do I have a hiv concern

It's been 10 days I have a protected intercourse with a sex worker and then I called her to ask her status and she just blocked me and that's why I think she is hiv positive I have s sore throat and cough now and no fever
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You can't get hiv when you used a condom, and she knows that so no wonder she blocked you.  She is likely negative anyway because she wouldn't pay for condoms if she was positive, but that doesn't matter since you had no risk for hiv.
You need to move on from hiv theories and stop googling for death cold turkey and stop examining your body looking for symptoms to a disease you can't have.
People cough on your lips and door knobs so sore throat is to be expected at any time, including after you have sex.
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Sir is it possible that from one side the condom was intact and whole sperm. Was collected on tip but on another side there  can be a hole
Your thoughts are irrational. Condoms can't have pin holes and microscopic tears, if it fails it is evident. We can't do what-ifs with you. You have been already offered excellent advice. Please take it.
If it fails it is a large rip down the seam and a blind man would know because it is hard to take off with it dangling from the ring. So don't worry anymore.
But can there be a big hole on another side of penis because I just lay down when she removed my condom I did not see the other side but there was no leakage of sperm and I got rash after 40 days
It is a small redness between my eyebrows almost 2 cm
You had no risk because your condom remained intact and did not break.
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