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Do I have peripheral neuropathy due to herpes or hiv?

Hello everyone I have a question, on September I might have been exposed to hsv2 I tested low positive within 3 months. Today has been 4 months since exposure and am freaking out, I have not confirmed my low positive so I am unaware if I am truly positive. My question is what could be causing pins and needles sensations on my hands and sometimes feet? I tested negative for hiv 12 weeks post exposure with a 4th generation. From what I have heard this is considered conclusive, if this is the case why do I keep reading on the internet that HIV causes peripheral neuropathy? Should I test again or with a different type of test? Or can this be a sign that I do have herpes type 2?  I also been very sick within this past week working long hours and no sleep, with huge amounts of anxiety not related to this but to my relationship and work. Could this just be a symptom of anxiety?  Thank you any feedback would be appreciated
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HIV and Herpes are not the only causes of peripheral neuropathy - in fact, those are the least likely causes, and HIV is definitely not the cause given that you have tested conclusively negative.
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I did test at 12 weeks post exposure and do find it odd that I’m having these type of symptoms. Do I have to test again ? Even after 12 weeks post exposure ? Do I have to have some different type of hiv test?  If I’m having these symptoms does that mean my neuro is being damaged to no repair ?
Are you reading the responses that both mike_no and I posted earlier?  It seems like your anxiety has taken control and you're not even reading what we wrote.  
"You have tested conclusively negative" = no more tests.  You don't have HIV.
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Symptoms can't be used to diagnose HIV, only an HIV test at a correct time can provide a result. You haven't mentioned about any risk that you might have put yourself through for us to assess. If you have ailments that's causing you discomfort, you must see a doctor for a proper diagnosis, internet forums can't offer the diagnosis you are seeking.
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My risk was condom left inside at withdrawal from a partner I had previously dated (I am a female) I am unaware of his status, I tested 5,8, and 12 weeks with a 4th generation test, the tests came back negative. I did test positive for genital herpes from this exposure though, does peripheral neuropathy go hand in hand with hiv?  I just find it so odd that I’m having these type of symptoms when I had never had anything like this in my life.  Unless it’s related  to the  herpes .
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