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Do I hve risk to get hiv

doctor,I'm from china,male, and I've got herpes zoster afer 7or8days from I received oral sex from a woman.I've no more sex behavior except  receving masturbation from female.the oral sex was the only one and  the  first I change the  way to sex.I have no obviously cut on my **** and used Plastic food wrap as a  barrier instead of condoms.do I have risk to get hiv?!I'm so scared and worried abort my herpes zoster! plz help!! I even not get marryied.I don't want to die.
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Oral sex and masterbation is not a risk for HIV.
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even I got some peforming like herpes zoster?
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Still not a risk.
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thnak you for your help.but i've heared that herpes zoster is a symptom of hiv infect window,right?
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you can not diagnosis HIV based on symptoms, and oral sex is not a risk for HIV.
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