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Do I need PEP treatment


I was in Amsterdam over the weekend.

I got very drunk on Sunday night and ended up visiting a sex worker at around 3am in the morning on the Monday.

Received oral (no condom) and then proceeded to have anal sex with condom. At one point during the anal sex the condom failed as I was thrusting in, I noticed this fairly quickly quickly pulled out and then stopped immediately.

I do not know the HIV status of the sex worker so I was wondering if based on what I've described above I need PEP treatment.

I have no symptoms at this stage and I feel normal.

I'd just like to add that the person I was having sex with I think was female, however I googled the street I was on where I had the sex and apparently that street is well known for having post op transexuals working there. So if I've accidentally ended up with one of those this increases my risks I imagine?

Please advise as I am very worried and I've read that I need to start the treatment within 72 hours, thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
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U have the same situation as me, it happened to me the same at 30.8.2015, please contact me if there is any news u got or any answer from anywhere, i am tottaly worrying too
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Broken condom on anal sex. Overall your risk is small since you were wearing a condom. But since you were drunk it would it would be better to seek proper medical care. Go to a doctor discuss PEP. Good luck!
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Take raltagravir ( isentress ) 400 mg (2 tablets) twice at 12 hours gap morning and evening .and take truveda once in. Evening . Take this treatment for 28 days without stop . Get tested at 4 weeks and 12 weeks post last dose of pep through lab based 4th gen test ( p24 antigen and hiv 1/2) test . Tc
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