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Does anyone have facts what the window period is for a conclusive result?

I keep seeing the 4th generation as " can be detected within 18-45 days.. 28 days or 6 weeks... and the almighty 90 days or more. Even the 6 month if exposed to a true HIV positive person. Please don't block my thread, but I believe its a good question?
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You never had a risk in the first place so quit stressing out. I already answered your question in your previous thread anyway. Please read my response again because there's nothing to add.
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Hi Chima7.. I understand what you said, and btw, thanks for the SWIFT response. But , it just doesn't dawn on me that Oral Sex is zero, when the Dr's have repeatedly claimed low risk if you are the person giving fellatio... and also reading that semen contains the virus scares me.
But my real question is really about the " window Period"....
Your question is irrelevant, you were never at risk for transmission. You are obsessing about an irrational fear, instead of seeking answers here for irrelevant questions you must see a therapist to overcome your fear.

Oral sex is not a risk and no matter what data you did up from the internet, nothing can change that fact.
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4th gen hiv test is considered conclusive at 4 weeks,its a very sensitive test which can detect the antigen p24 before the formation of the antibody.
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