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Does possible thrust alter oral swab hiv test?

Situation: unprotected oral sex with a sex worker 87 days ago.
Testing: tested negative at 9 weeks and also at 83 days (1 day shy of 12 week mark) using ora quick oral swab test both times.
Also lost voice prior to this.....been about 4 months. I see a throat specialist thus week. I niticed a little white film on my tongue, sort of mild fungal looking. No pain though, or trouble swallowing or anything. On NO medications of any kind.
My question is a little different, as i have searched hundreds of threads and havent seen it asked in any ive seen thus far. But if it were to turn out thrush, or some sort of fungas in my mouth or on my tongue, could the presence of fungal alter the ora quick oral swab results, being that it is swabbed out of the mouth infectef with some sort of fungal? I am worried if it is fungal, it may not be a accurate reading. Should i consider a blood test, or is a oral test accuarate regardless of that possible fungas?  Also 2nd question, is a oral swab considered generation 4 test?
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You test result is conclusive. Fungal infections or any sort of bacteria in your mouth does not affect at all the result of your ora quick test. Oraquick Test does not use saliva, but rather absorbs antibodies directly from the blood vessels in the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Oraquick does not look for HIV itself. It looks for antibodies to the virus. Oral mucosal transudate and saliva have the virus in them. Although these body fluids have very low concentrations of HIV in them, they do have antibodies to the virus in them. It's these antibodies to HIV that the test looks for.
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When oraquick test is done at appropriate time then the result is conclusive.
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you never had a risk and your thrush is NOT hiv related.

work with your dr...this forum is hiv specific and you do not have a hiv concern.
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Ok, thanks Tom. Would u considee 83 days long enough, or would u do another at the highly debated 91 day mark?
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83 days does not make any difference between 91 days. relax dude your oraquick result is conclusive
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At no time were you ever at risk nor did you need testing.
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Alrighty.....thanks guys
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