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Does this sound like HIV?

I was treated for chlamydia the fourth week in January after having unprotected anal sex. 2 weeks later I went back to the doctor and was treated for epidydimitus. Two days ago I finished my treatment for that which was ten days of doxycicline. During that time I experienced dry mouth w/ white tongue (not spots), restlessness, cold hands and feet, loss of appetite. 3 days ago I developed a ring-like fungus on my face, which I'm now being treated for by applying cream for two weeks. I'm currently still experienced cold hands/feet and dry mouth.

Does this seem like a high risk situation?
He was the only guy I've been with.
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You can't go by symptoms they are never reliable in baseing ones status. You need to test at 3 months post exposure to obtain a conclusive test result.
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I meant for that to more rhetorical. I have a test scheduled in a week.
I was mainly concerned if my symptoms sound HIV related. Mainly the fungus.
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You have to ask if this was a high risk situation? You've got to be joking. Since you put yourself at high risk from having unprotected anal sex then you need to test. 3 months from the exposure is when you can obtain your conclusive test result.
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