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Does this sound like high-risk ARS HIV?

Exactly 3 weeks ago, I had sex with a CSW in Shanghai. We had sex twice and oral sex (69) once. I wore a condom both times during penetrative sex, but the second time after I had ejaculated, and removed my penis, the condom was ONLY JUST on the end of my penis. My ejaculate was inside the condom.

At just 2 weeks and 1 day post exposure (this is like the classic window for ARS? oh my god), I developed a fever and sweats on and off all day, and my underarm temperature was 37.3 Celcius. Also massively lost my appetite. This has continued for the last 5 days. It reached a peak last night (night 5) when my underarm temperature went up to 37.5 and I had a severe headache. I've had a dry cough together with this (started 3 days before the fever)  and I've been swallowing constantly and dry mouth, and voice weak, but no sore throat. Doc did a lab and no bacterial infection for cough - he said it had to be viral...

I've been taking paracetamol since day 3 but my underarm temperature has remained at 37.3 - does this mean the paracetamol has been masking my more severe fever?

No night sweats since day 3, but I guessed that's because I was taking meds to manage it. Have been measuring my morning temperature it's been 36.8 underarm for last two mornings when I've woken up at 6-6.30am. I took  paracetamol at 8pm last night, and when the headache came on, some ibuprofen at 10pm.

I've not taken any medication today and my underarm temperature is back up to 37.3 but I don't feel feverish. I feel normal, tired. But still massively scared, dry mouth, swallowing.

Does ARS fever come and go? Or is it pretty much constant throughout the day, and worse at night? I have a 3.5 week test booked (I think it's antibodies - they said I should wait for 4 weeks), but I can't wait any longer. I'm crying, dying inside. My life is over at the moment.

Can anyone offer any advice? Doctor cannot explain the fever and headaches. I've read the only thing that cause a fever and headaches together are full-body infections like HIV...

I'm so scared.
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It's the symptoms I've read about... The high-risk window, the timing, the unexplained origin.. How can it be anything else?
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I really really really hope I don't have to prove you wrong. Wish me luck for Saturday.
Good luck.
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