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Don't know if the condom broke

Hello everyone I would like advice because I had protected sex with a csw, near the end I'm not sure if the condom broke. 2 days later my penis is itching. Tomorrow is the last before 72 hours for prep. Should I go get prep because I can't can't recall if the condom broke.
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PEP is not intended to be used every time you get scared.  PEP is generally intended to be used when a person has had a high-risk encounter with someone who is known to be HIV+.  PEP can have serious side effects.

When condoms break and expose the head of your penis, it is OBVIOUS.  You would not wonder if it happened or not.
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If you are going to experience an unrealistic level of anxiety after every encounter with a CSW, it is perhaps a good idea to refrain from visiting them until you can do so without thinking you need PEP following a protected encounter.
Thanks for the advice. My anxiety is getting out of hand.
If you are anxious, see a therapist, that's your best option. I would like to highlight what other members have told you - condom breakages are evident.
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When a condom breaks, it breaks completely, from top to bottom. It's not just a minuscule hole. There's no way you wouldn't notice if it had really happened.
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