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Dr. HHH - Your opinion is so required

Hi Doc...
I had posted on HIV international some time back wanted your opinion as well if u dont mind.

I had unprotected oral and protected vaginal with a Moroccan escort in dubai on March 5th. Condom broke i was max maybe 10 seconds inside her. Since then i have been freaking out.. dont know what to do. Around 4th week, i came down with sore throat, stuffy nose, phlegm, fever of 99.5(for 3 hrs).. so obviously freaked out even more. That lasted for 4 days max with some cold medication of course..

I got tested :
1)36th day - Negative AB
2)36th day -Negative AB + P24 (apparently i called up and said i needed the p24 test as well, hence they used the same blood sample as previous day )
3) Today 53 day(Almost 8 weeks, 7 weeks 4 days actually) - Negative AB + P24 By ECLIA

My questions

1)What is ECLIA as opposed to ELISA
2)Is 53 days a good indication
3)Your ballpark %accuracy of the test at 53 days

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I reviewed your threads with the same questions on the HIV interenational and HIV community forums.  I agree 100% with what you were told there.  I have no knowledge of a test called ECLIA.  Negative antibody tests plus negative P24 antigen, both done within 53 days of exposure, prove for sure you didn't catch HIV during the sexual exposure described.

Regards--  HHH, MD
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Thanks.. apparently  ECLIA = Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay
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