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Dr. Jose,please reply. HIV Risk?

Dr. Jose, I Went to spa for massage, girl while massaging for half an hour suddenly started fingering my vagina and I did not stop her till I reached oragasm. I was not menstruating. She had oily hands. She was not wearing gloves and I do not know her HIV status and also do not know if she had any cuts/wounds on her fingers. Now am too scared of HIV! I have been feeling cough, bad throat, sneezing, itchy eyes and slight itch in the left ear at times, etc since past few days. Planning to take hiv duo test on 15th Dec as I will be completing 6 weeks then. Do I need to worry. Please help. Am so worried and feeling anxiety. You have been so helpful in answering so many people. Tried to see your replies to others regarding fingering but mine is a different case as I was being fingered so my vaginal fluid and finger of a girl with unknown hiv status. And symptoms are making me go mad. Please help with your reply. Thank you.
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You had no risk from this because you cannot get HIV from someone's finger. It is not possible, regardless of whether she had any cuts on her finger or not. A finger will never be able to transmit the virus. You had no risk and do NOT need HIV testing because you were not exposed to HIV. Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV because you were not exposed to the HIV virus.
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No risk at !!!
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No Risk At All !!!
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