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Drugged by ladyboy

I am a male from Australia in my mid-20s and I am vacationing in Vietnam. While at a bar we struck up a friendly pool game/conversation with some bargirls. I have never been with a bar girl, a prostitute, an asian or anything close before that night. I have a gf and home and am a loyal bf. Anyways, as the night progressed my one friend went to the neighboring bar as I finished my pool game. I had no more than 2 beers but next thing I know I am waking up in my own bed, covered in vomit with what im 80% sure was a lady boy giving me a blow job. I was horrified, kicked her out and threatened to call the police. I am now freaking out about the possibility of HIV. I know that when I am drunk (or drugged as I suspect) I cannot get erect at all so im pretty sure no sex took place. What about the blow job though? I know it is virtual no risk and I have no marks, scratches etc.

I am absolutely mortified. I rarely drink in excess, never do drugs and would NEVER bring home  a hooker (esp a ladyboy) on my own accord. Please help someone! Have I contracted HIV?

Thank you so much.
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Sorry to hear what happened to you and it is criminal but as far as risk is concerned there is no HIV risk from this incident.
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I should add that my wallet was also stolen when I checked my room that morning. Adding to the suspicion of being drugged, because I have never blacked out like this..let alone after 2 beers.
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