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Drunk night and worried

Hi Doctor :
First of all I feel very shame for post this but my mental disorder (OCD) is talking to me again . .Last July I went to party and I was drunk as hell , then I got blacked out and I recall nothing at all coming back to my home  . The only I know is I took a cab with one of my best friends who live close to me in my same neighborhood ,he told me that because I repeat that I recall nothing,zero  . I know by my friend that cab left him first so I stayed with the taxi driver alone way to my home . Next morning my wife was very angry with me because I got that drunk and because she awaked because of a  conversation between me and taxi driver outside my house , she told me that the taxi driver was annoyed and told her that I couldn´t even say my address and that we were spinning around the neighborhood several minutes so then he asked her for the money because also he said that I didnt have , when she returned with the money the guy had left .Next day I started inmediately to think "what about if this guy is a pervert and raped me ??" Why he didn´t wait for the money?  anyway I got forget that episode because my wife (who is aware of my OCD told me that she talked with the guy and he looked a trustable person,
Well,days ago I was having dinning with my brother and talking about black outs and he told me then laughing " Be careful with blackouts because even men could be raped when they are blacked out , I know some stories about that  because a friend of mine is detective and he told me that sometimes guys got to the office detective because of weird sensations on their anus after a blackout" that conversation turn on my OCD again !! , dear doctor :
1-Should I test for HIV . I never felt pain on my anus after that episode only an internal haemorrhoid but months later that drunk night
2-Could a straight man like me being raped and never be aware of that?
3-Should I forget this episode?  .
Thanks and happy new year.
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I'm sorry to hear that your OCD is continuing to affect you in this way.  Obviously I cannot tell you what happened on that night in July but I suspect that if you, like your wife, just consider what you are suggesting might have happened you will appreciate just how unrealistic this is.  I urge you to move forward without concern.

In answer to your specific questions:
1-Should I test for HIV . I never felt pain on my anus after that episode only an internal hemorrhoid but months later that drunk night

I see no medical reason for testing. You should discuss this with the doctor/counselor who helps you deal with your OCD.  If he/she feels the proof that you were not infected that would come from having an HIV test would help your OCD, then that is a reason for testing but again. I there is no medical reason for you to test for HIV or any other STI.

2-Could a straight man like me being raped and never be aware of that?

No, not realistically.

3-Should I forget this episode?

that would be my advice.

I hope my comments are helpful. EWH
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I forgot to mention that I came into my house once and went out with the taxi driver and come back again some minutes later with him . I think maybe the first time  I think I was useless trying to look for cash in my house and then I went out to seek a cash machine with him ... but these are only suppositions . Weird but the guy from security of my condominium told me that there was a gap of 20 minutes between both arrives with the taxi guy ,the second time was the time when the taxi driver and my wife talked each other    .
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