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Elite controllers and rapid test

I recently came across an research paper where an elite controller was undetectable using 3rd gen rapid test and even 4th gen rapid test for 1 year and more. Only 3rd gen ELISA was reactive at 6 months and 12 months. The viral load was detectable at baseline. In view of this how much should we believe rapid test accuracy?
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According to your previous posts, you had ZERO risk.  Still obsessing?
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Failure to identify Hiv infected individuals in a clinical trial using single rapid test for screening - by Estelle Piwowar Manning, Jessica M. Fogel, Susan H. Eshleman.
This put anxiety in my mind even though I was relaxed.
You're having anxiety from a no risk situation? That's not an HIV issue, it's a psychological issue and you should seek therapy for this problem. This is an HIV forum and there's nothing else anyone can do for you here at this point. Post on the anxiety forum if you can't find a therapist.
You had zero risk from hiv from your exposure.  That you are still looking into it is concerning that perhaps anxiety is ruling your day.  You had no risk, any test you take from the exposures you've described are going to always be negative as you can't get HIV that way.  
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