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Evaluating risk

Hi, First thank you for taking time to look into my question.
few days ago I was in Tunisia and I had sex with a woman which (according to her) used to have sex with men that she meets online. She seemed ok, No visible issues and she assured me she did not have STD's. we kissed and I sucked her breasts (No milk) and fingered her vagina, and had a protected oral and intercourse.

She put the condom on me and performed Oral, I inserted my pines head to her vagina also rubbed my pines against her vagina (Her vagina was extremely wet),  Then she performed a handjob to me while the condom was on (for about a minute or 2) After that she changed my condom and put a new one before I insert my pines into her because the old condom was dry. I am worried because when she got the new condom out of it's package she touched it from inside close to the top while her hands were contaminated by her fluids as a result of the handjob she performed.
I then had sex with her and ejaculated inside the condom. Can she pass HIV to me? I am not sure if her hand was dry of the vagina fluids because of the handjob  before she touch the condom.

Before sex she had a shower, yet During sex she had a bad smell from her Vagina and she told me this is normal as she will have her period in 3 days, I convinced her to go to the doctor and she said he found a bacteria and gave her bills for 1 week. she refused to share the results with me  as she do not know me.

Kindly advise the percentage of risk I had.

Thank you
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The percentage of your risk was 0%
Thanks Ruby, does that change anything if I have Fordyce's angiokeratoma on my testicles?
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Can someone answer my question please?
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