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Exposed penis tip when condom Broke

I had protected vaginal sex with sex worker. So after 5 sec of intercourse, the condom broke, and the tip of my penis is exposed. I feel it and withdraw right away, The condom seemed to have a "red" color on it. I jumped in shower immediately and washed then urinated hoping to clear the urethral passage.

I knew I have to test in 90 days, but was wondering what my risk factor of been infected with HIV and does my actions (washing, Urinating) immediately helps in anyway?  
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A condom protected sex turns otherwise all of a sudden, as soon as the condom fails during sex. This is the single and sole disadvantage of condom and one must bear it in mind.

You were exposed to the risk of HIV transmission however there is a strong possibility that she might not be an HIV+, therefore in that case your will not catch anything from her. Having said that, your risk, though not significant, but not zero either, and for that, you do not have to wait for 90 days. Current generation of HIV Duo (Antibody + Antigen) test is conclusive after 4 weeks of exposure. Go get yourself tested after the given period, collect your conclusive report and move on with your life
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Thanks diver58, but my question was "Does my actions (washing, Urinating) immediately helps in anyway?"
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Please ignore the last response you received and just look to the first one you received. That one is very accurate.
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Thanks Vance, can i get your opinion on (washing, Urinating) immediately helps reduce my risk ?
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It does not
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