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Exposure + test

Hello, first of all thank you for this helpful forum and sorry for my bad English. I am Swedish living in QATAR
My exposure is in January 2020 about a year and 3 months ago ( Unprotected oral + I was wearing condoms all the time except for the oral, I didn’t know if I penetrate or not because we were just playing in the area down there with no intention to have sex)
I tested NAT at day 7 came back non reactive
I tested combo after a year and 3 months and came back non reactive)
My questions is :
1- is my tests conclusive?
2- did I have a risk?
3- how likely the lab is mistaken such as Error in swapping samples with someone else for example?
Or the blood touch the air before going to the tube for the test, maybe the machine some problem in it?

Final question the blood withdrawal needle can someone be infected with it? Maybe he forgot to change it?
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This is not a risk for HIV.  The only risks for HIV include having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drugs that you inject with.  Air and saliva inactivate the virus.  You have to have penetration for risk.  It sounds like your fear/worry are causing you to doubt but you'd likely know if you really penetrated.  NOTHING to do with oral is a risk.  Again, saliva and air inactivate the virus.  All HIV tests are conclusive after 3 months and a combo, 4th generation test is conclusive 28 days and beyond. so yes, your test is conclusive.  No, you never had a risk.  The lab is not going to make a mistake and that is anxious thinking.  You were not infected by the blood draw to test.

With all of this said, you should not be worrying about HIV.  However, what is probably going on is that you have some health anxiety.  If you still feel worried after this and this is a moderated forum so information is accurate, then I'd consider if you have an ongoing condition of anxiety.  Anxiety is also a disorder and it can be treated.  
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Thank you so much for this helpful response, I really appreciate it.
I will try to move on And forget about it
Good plan. And if you talk to your doctor about anxiety, they may be able to help you.  Therapy can be effective and there are plenty of medications that help.  take care
Hello I tested again In other Lap just for peace of mind, combo (Ag+Ab) after a year and three months. Came back non reactive (as expected)
and I feel great very great, a little concern about the butterfly needles that’s withdrawn my blood in the tests but still feel great.
I Decided to see a therapist to move on, and thanks again for this forum it’s really good to talk about my concern here because really no one can I trust in real life.
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