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Exposure and testing

Had an exposure with Csw was protected since I was drunk I am anxious as couldn’t be sure this was 6 weeks ago and I have taken a bio sure self test in the UK after 6 weeks and results are negative - how accurate and valid are these results or do I need to go to a lab to confirm to test if so can I take the combo test anytime or is there a window period after or before which I should take this ?
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Protected vaginal or anal intercourse doesn't need HIV testing. Oral sex protected or Unprotected is not risk for HIV transmission.

You didn't need to test.
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Wasn’t sure as was drunk and hence all the questions reg the testing , how accurate are these home tests and if I wish to test can I take a combo test anytime.
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Since you had protected sex and only the head has to be covered, so you were safe whether you were sloppy drunk or not as you know you had a condom on then you also know you had no risk for HIV.  Your tests --  any tests would be negative with no risk.  UK is an excellent country with advanced healthcare.  There testing is good and you question like it wouldn't be.  It is.  And in your particular case, you did not need to test at all.
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