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Exposure to vaginal secretion

Help need needed.. please advise..

1) massage naked by another naked Thai masseur

2) sucked my nipple and kissed my body. Vagina and vaginal fluid may be touching penis.

3) gave handjob to me. I fingered her close to my penis while handjob. Her vaginal fluid drips a little on to penis. A few drops on penis head, continuous handjob transferred the liquid into penis foreskin

4) accidental sat on her dripping which is alot.. can feel the wetness.. Recently had piles on outer anus with blood.. might have open wound

What is my risk.

Thank you

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No risk. You just got a handjob.
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Not even slightest risk? The vaginal secretions was in direct contact immediately after coming out from vagina... she was real wet when i started to finger.. it might be some fluid from another man..

Should i get a test?
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Hiv is transmitted 1) unprotected vaginal/anal sex 2)mother to child 3) sharing IV needles. Ask yourself if you did any of those. And it is called STD's for a reason it means your having either oral sex or penetrative sex. Have you done any of those? If not you have nothing to worry about.
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No penetrative sex... but body to body massage with vagina pretty close to penis.. probabaly rubbing for a while.. her vaginal secretion was a bit too much even just started fingering.. suspected she had a customer beforehand before serving me... and it really in drips directly to my penis head

I really pray that i will be fine.. i will be taking antibody test on 2weeks and 8weeks mark

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You had no sex, so you had no risk
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