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Exposure with confirmed HIV positive girl

Sorry for my bad English

I had an exposure with a girl who is HIV+, the condom slipped during sex and I was too drunk to notice. The following morning which was Saturday I went to the clinic and I was given emergency PEP(Combivir + Keletra) which i took at the 13th hour that would last me till Monday since the clinic pharmacy does not open during weekends. On Monday I went to collect the full medication BT surprisingly I was only given Combivir and when I enquired they said it's okay I don't have to worry that much. I took the pep for a full 28 days

Symptoms suffered through pep
1st week: Diarrhea, Nausea, Mild Headache

2nd week: None

3rd week: On/off fever for about 2days, Headache, Fatigue, Body aches and knee pain that all lasted for about 3 days

4th week: 1lymph node, 2 small pimples that disappeared in less than 4 Hours

Pep rebound symptoms after 2 weeks
1. Eye twitches
2. Body tremors

Testing with 3rd generation Antibody test
1. 4week - negative
2. 5week(2) - negative
3. 8week - negative
4. 10week(69days)- negative

I know I have to test at the 12 week mark which is in 3 days time but what are my chances of surviving
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An early test can't prove anything. A duo is conclusive after 4 weeks, but the window starts after you stopped the PEP. 3rd gen will require an additional 2 months more than the duo.
Le me rephrase, I tested 69 days after exposure and 6 weeks after pep with 3rd generation antibody test which is negative so I don't understand when you say it's still early
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