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Hi doctors. I met a guy on the street about 2 months ago. He was very shy, I approached him and asked if he wanted to have some fun. We kept texting for about 2 months until 2 months later yesterday, we finally met. He's from Algeria and his english isn't very good. I asked if he wasted to use condom and he said ok. He told me he only had sex with 1 person and he had a test. He looks about 30 years old and he told me he lives with his parents. I have a chip on my lips from dry weathers and slight anal fissure from not using a proper dildo about a week ago. It bled the day before I met him but today it didn't bleed so I thought it will be fine to meet. I performed oral sex on him with a condom on and sexual intercourse with condom on. Then I heard a pop, the condom broke! I told him to take his penis out in 1 second and i gentle wiped the inside of my anus with baby wipe. What are the chance of his pre-cum giving me HIV if he is HIV+?I'm very worried now. I texted him afterward and he said he's clean, i actually used google translate to ask him questions in Arabic so he could understand me! After I kept asking him he said I'm crazy and he said may be I am the one who has HIV because I almost ran out of condoms when we were having sex! I almost run out of condoms because I always play safe! And I'm very suspicious that he only ever had sex with 1 person because he's about 30, and I doubt he's cautious enough to take any STD tests because he doesn't speak English very well and he only had sex with one person! The chance of him knowing exactly that he's safe is not great in my opinion. Also he shaves his pubic hair! If someone is not sexually active I think most people can't be bothered shaving! I'm so suspicious of him and I'm not meeting anyone for the next month until I'm fully healed. I think abut this incident over and over again the whole day... I'm going to have a test anyway regardless. I'd just like to hear a professional second opinion. I figure that the risk is very high because it meets all the criteria of contracting HIV... Anal penetration, pre-cum and non-intact skin. I still hope to hear back from you very soon.
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Condom Broke is a risk! Get yourself tested with DUO at 28 days post exposure.
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Thank you guys. I'll make an appointment to check... It had to break when my anus bleed... It never broke every 100 times I had sex before...
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