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False Negatives

What are your thoughts on the duo test not picking up Hiv 1 groups O,N and P? The duo has documented case studies of missing group O infections, (google it), and its not licenced to detect the rare groups N and P.
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The current testing method will detect all known strains. Stop thinking about the it. Accept your negative result and move on.
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Thank you, I would move on and accept my result, but for a number of on going symptoms, I currently have a tender lymph node on my chest, oral hairy leukoplakia, but this is on gum and cheek, not tongue, soft stools, dry flaky skin around numerous toes nails on both feet with red spots and generally feel below par.
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Honestly i do not think you have leukoplakia or tender lymph nodes. This has to be professionally assessed by a doctor for it to be valid. Visit a doctor if you do feel unwell. As long as it is not hiv. By the way what was your risk exposure?
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The leukoplakia has been diagnosed by a Doctor, but because of the negative tests I've had they say it cant be linked. My risk was broken condom with an African sex worker.
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If you worry about the DUO test then have an antibody test at 3 months
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They are quite hard to  find in the UK, I've  had an Insti, which is a rapid antibody test, but it only detects Group M. I have had a  full blood count at Doctors, that was normal, I've had a CD4/CD8 count, which was on the low side CD4,491, 30.1%, CD4/CD8 ratio - 0.99, I'm currently awaiting the results of a PCR RNA test, but I've had to battle to get these test.
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