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False positive?

Hey guys! I need the MOST expert advice quickly. I've lost lots of sleep and read every article, research site, each state recommendation, CDC, Dr's reports and youtube video...  I feel pretty versed in HIV, and have concluded that I had a false positive but I am still terrified. Anxiety is def. wrecking me -  my dr said to retest in 3  months.
40 YO female- HSV2+

11.17 condom broke during a one night stand that  I DEEPLY regret- he claims he is STD/ Drug free - I do not know anything about him.

11.30 protected vaginal sex-and oral with ejaculation in mouth- no sores or cuts in my mouth
12.6 protected sex and oral for quick second- no ejac.no sores or cuts in my mouth


12.2- STD screen + 4th gen. all negative

1.6 4th gen- reactive               Antibodies HIV 1/2 and RNA  Qualitative Reflex NEGATIVE

1.14 Panel 083955                  Antibodies HIV 1/2 and RNA Qualitative  NEGATIVE
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False positives do happen. The good news is you don't have HIV. Absence of HIV RNA at 2 months from the date of exposure backed by a negative antibody test only confirms that you are HIV negative.

I understand that it must be a rude shock for you come across a positive result but let the reality sink in, you are home safe, it's needless to worry about HIV now. See a therapist if you are having trouble accepting.

Good luck.
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One more thing, your HIV antibody test that came back with a false positive probably picked up antibodies to HSV2, it is a very common occurrence with these IV generation of HIV test due to their high sensitivity. Don't worry about it, you're okay.
Thank you Mike, I did read that the antibodies can pick up other viruses.  Do you recommend one more test due to the oral exposures on 11.30 and 12.6?
No. Oral is not a risk. It's time to move on.
Thank you Mike ! You're right. It is time to stop obsessing over this.  I appreciate your time and advice. :)

It was such a traumatic experience - I probably should see a therapist. I think I'm in denial over the "confirmatory" tests.
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Your results were NEGATIVE.  How do you that interpret that as a FALSE POSITIVE?
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On 1.6.2020 my  4th generation assay was REACTIVE - my Dr. told me I was HIV positive.... but the confirmatory tests were negative and so I am confused.  
This is why they are called "confirmatory" tests.  False positives can happen because the tests are so very sensitive.  Your confirmatory tests have ruled out HIV.
Thank you Curfew. I I'd like your opinion too- would you recommend one more test due to the oral exposures on 11.30 and 12.6?
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