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Fear of accidental penetration

That day I went to an upscale massage parlor where they provide body to body massage, but no sex. I was with the girl in the jacuzzi and touching her vagina even with hands was strictly prohibited, however, at one point my penis touched her vagina for seconds. But I am unsure if I penetrated her or not and I could not even see as we were inside water.
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Obviously you did not penetrate. This thread shows that your hiv phobia is not getting better, so I suggest you see a therapist before it gets out of control.
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Exactly, I have an extreme phobia for HIV. At the same time, I cannot even resist myself from having sex. But I never have penetrative sex only handjob and insertive oral. Thanks for your answer.
The therapy might help you to get over your phobia, which is a mental illness but doesn't necessarily have to be a permanent illness.
Are you sure HIV dies as soon as exposed to air?
You were advised that you didn't posses any risk for HIV transmission from your incident. Please accept the help offered to you.

This forum is specific to HIV concern and you don't have a relevant issue that needs to be discussed here. You can seek help from a professional counselor to overcome your irrational fears. Also, there is an anxiety forum on this website, you could post there to discuss about your options.
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