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First time having sex

Hey! three days ago, i had sex for first time with a guy. I am worried about getting hiv, we had anal sex (with condom), i was  receptive partner, we had mutual oral sex, and after he finished, his condom, outside of my body has broke. His sperm was over my body, and i think some was on his fingers as well. He put it down, and then fingered me. Should i get tested? Is there risk for getting HIV? I dont know him well.
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You definitely have risk for Covid since you don't know him well. Be cautious since it spreads easily.
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If his penis was never inside of your body, unprotected, you did not have any risk for HIV.  Having sperm on the outside of your body is not a risk.  Being fingered with sperm on the other person's finger is not a risk.  ONLY an unprotected penis inside a vagina or anus is a risk, sexually.
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Thanks for answer. Other person mentioned Covid, and today i have sore troath, just on right tonsil. I gonna get tested on covid, and in a month on hiv. Thank you!
I reviewed your original post and advise that hiv risk is solely dependent on when the condom broke. If it broke while he was inside your anus then you had a risk.  Oral is not a risk.
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