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Gay male, on PREP, unprotected anal sex... risk?


I am 29, a gay male, and never had anal sex until I started taking PREP. I've always used condoms when I've bottomed, but last night, I let him penetrate me without a condom for a minute. I've been taking PREP daily for 3 months.

What is my risk for HIV in this case?

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Well PREP is designed to to protect you from HIV transmission if taken every day correctly. It's 92 to 99 percent effective. How long have you been on it?
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Since October 2015... so 4 months!
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I would say you are protected based on your PREP use. That is what it is designed to do.
If you've been "consistent" with you meds during these 3 months, there shouldn't be much to worry about.
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Thanks all. I've taken it daily since October.
Having said that, the only sure way to protect yourself is using condoms and if in a relationship with a + partner, then even better to use both condoms and PREP.
I know PREP is extremely effective for protection, however, exactly to what extent, I don't know. Maybe even 99% as B23121 said. But, I still think you should use condoms, and I also think you You should get tested periodically ((every 3 months)) to be on the safe side if you happen to neglect condoms.
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So... since he only penetrated me unprotected for two minutes with NO ejaculation, coupled with the fact that I've taken PREP daily (NEVER missed a dose) for 4 months... I should be OK, right?
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That is what we are saying. Yes.
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But you should still be using condoms like Sleeplessnights34 said until you are in a relationship with a partner who has been tested. You may be protected from HIV from PREP but you are still at risk for other STI's
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OK! So.... will my HIV test be negative most likely???
Yes, most likely negative. But, try to stick to the condoms.
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What do you want us to say ?
We told you before. It's very likely to be negative, but even with PREP you're still supposed to use condoms. So, a negative isn't guaranteed, but as mentioned before, very likely.
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