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Giving Unprotected sex with bleeding gums hiv risk

Last week I gave a guy unprotected oral sex with using condom. I also received oral sex at the same time. There was no bleeding gums sores or open cut wound inside my mouth before the oral sex. I could taste his precum during oral sex. I didn't taste the blood during the oral sex. He didn't ejaculated inside my mouth. And I swallowed the precum with my saliva. However after oral sex I could feel the blood taste. So I believed there was a mild bleeding gums. I'm so worried these days. Please help me. Am I in the risk? Do I need to test?
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Having protected oral sex is a NO RISK activity. However unprotected oral sex carries a no or a very little risk.
Testing is not warranted in oral sex as the virus is killed due to your saliva.
Bleeding gums can also be caused by using a hard toothbrush.

Dont take stress, you are HIV negative.

Stay safe.
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