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Glans bleeding after mutual masturbation

I was masturbating with another guy, who I don't know his status. He came onto his hand and then after a few minutes, wiped his hands off with a towel. He didnt wash it. Then he proceeded to masturbated me with the same hand. It was not until after I ejaculated that I noticed my gland was bleeding, spotting slightly, probably from the friction of his motions. Am I in any risk of catching HIV or any other STD? I've just been worrying that the fact that he didn't wash his hand, means that the remains of his semen was still on it even after he wiped it off, and therefore would have come into contact with the wound while he was masturbating me. It was not a deep wound, just seeped a bit of blood after but still there was direct contact so is there a possibility that I might have caught HIV, assuming the worst case that he is positive. Please help.

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Mutual masturbation is not a risk
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Even if he came and then used the same to jerk me? There was even a little wound on my gland
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Reread what I told you.
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Why is that? I mean his semi dried cum on his hand must have come into contact with the wound on my le is gland. That's what I don't understand why there is no risk. Thanks for answering James
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HIV is unable to infect almost immediately after being exposed to air. Sexually, you will catch HIV from unprotected anal and vaginal intercourse and that's it.
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