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Groin pain moved to testicale pain /HIV STD?

Hello again. I know I asked the same question yesterday. But my left groin pain moved to my left testicale pain after 40-43 hours of exposure. My exposure was condom protected with an csw. Because of my stupid anxiety I cant trust that the condom worked. Should I worried about my testicale discomfort? It was started to hurt yesterday night time. Right now I feel like its better but im not sure. Can I be %100 sure I cant get HIV from my exposure? I know condoms do not provide protect to all stds.
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It sounds like you are aware that anxiety is impacting your ability to be logical and reasonable about this situation.  This forum is moderated which means that the information given is directed by physicians who specialize in HIV to make sure the information is accurate. You were accurately told that you had no risk for HIV when you used a condom.  When condoms break, it is not something you are 'unsure' about. You would know.  It's safe to conclude that you are right, anxiety is causing you a lot of undue worry.  You should feel confident that you did not get HIV from your exposure but what are you going to do about the REAL issue?  That anxiety needs to be addressed.  What is the healthcare system for mental health like where you are located?  Anxiety is treatable and I'd work with your doctor to start that kind of care.  
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Thank you for your answer. Im going to seek therapy ASAP. There is a big hospital and mental health place very close to my place. Youre right I need to be calm and not to think about this. Protected sex is protected and there is no risk. Sorry for my stupid questions. Thank you again.
Excellent!  Truly glad to hear that you are going to work on the anxiety. Your questions were stupid but they are driven by your anxiety.  I just don't want you to have a lot of unnecessary worry so am glad you are going to work on the condition.  best of luck to you
Thank you really. I already started to feel a lot better. I am just not going to care about my testicale or groin pain. I know it cant be hiv. Im going to the theraphy 3 days later. I arranged it for just peace of mind thank you all!!
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The first step to peace is to stop Googling hiv cold turkey. The second is to stop examining your body looking for hiv symptoms cold turkey.
Until you do that, your mind will be in turmoil and you will do irrational things like 2 hours ago posting the same question that you asked yesterday, even though the science is 40 years old and didn't change overnight.
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So condoms provide %100 protect to the hiv when it doesnt rip or break right? Sorry for asking but in internet (I know youre right I shouldnt search on google) it says condoms provide %98 protection to the hiv. Why is it %98 not %100. Is it because of the  wrong usages or when the condom break?
Or is it just it cant protect %100, sometimes you can get it even if you use it correctly?
Seek therapy, because your anxiety is a bit of a mental illness at this point, making you repeat your questions for no logical purpose or making you contradict yourself by saying I shouldn't be looking on the net but I do anyway.
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