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HIV & STD test after 4 years of exposure


I had an exposure 4 years ago. After that I abstained from sex. And tested few days ago. Laboratory is a good one. Snapshot of my test is uploaded in my photos. I translated it here. My test results are like this:

                              RESULT:              UNIT:                REFERENCE RANGES:
HIV P24 Antigen      Negative 0.07        Index                Negative  0.25
HIV 1/2 Antibody      Negative 0.04        Index                Negative  0.25

Method: ELFA

Hsv Type 2 IgM      0.13                 Ratio       Negative  1.1        
Hsv Type 2 IgG      <2                    RU/mL     Negative  22
VDRL                    Negative

My Questions are:
*After 4 years is antigen test relevant?
*After 4 years is HIV1/2 antibody test is relevant? Is it true that HIV antibodies decrease in time?
*Why Antigen and antibody levels are not ZERO? What does 0.07 and 0.04 mean?
*Why HSV IgM and IgG are not ZERO?
*Can I move on? Do I need any other test like HIV PCR?

I'd appreciate your answers? Thank you very much?
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If your exposure was oral sex, you had no risk. Your test are conclusive negative. The range are numbers set by the lab and youll have to ask them why its not zero.
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1. No
2. Yes and No
3. They are never zero
4. Post in that forum
5. Move on
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