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Had a un-protected vaginal intercourse on 19th May and had a HIV1&2 antibody (CMIA) test on 17th June which came negative with a value - 0.08. But for last one week I am hunger less, slightly feverish and sore throat. My questions are -

1. I am from Middle East and does this test can be a 4th Gen Duo which can be considered as conclusive on 28th Day?

2. Is there any possibility, HIV symptoms can appear after 4 weeks even after a negative test? I am a person with good health and never have undergone any serious treatments which can reduce my immunity.

3. I know I am badly anxious and unable to stop thinking about this, can my symptoms happen due to my high anxiety?

Please please help, and a request to everyone -
This is what i realized after this incident is LIFE itself is the most precious gift we can receive in this whole universe, never ever spoil it with some stupid actions for some momentarily pleasures. Live Well, Live Happily.
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1. Ask the clinic.
2. Until you know  if you had 4th gen nothing can be determined.
3. Yes. You can read numerous posts on this forum daily from people who are sure they have HIV but none of them have it. Some didn't even have HIV risk but won't accept that they don't have HIV. That is why HIV doctors are not interested in self-diagnosed symptoms.
Thank you very much @AnxiousNoMore.
Also I hope if some one can explain me more about this test, which says CMIA.
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Dear Sir,

Please take a 4th generation test HIV with p24 antigen. I will give a perfect result after 28 days. I am sure that you are negative. God will surely save you dont worry.
Oh, that's so kind of you @rkumar! I too hope for the best and quite sure I am safe. Any idea what is the test I have mentioned - Anitbody 1&2 CMIA
Please contact your clinic. They will tell whether it's a 4 th generation test with p24 antigen. If so you are negative. Don't worry and move on
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