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HIV Ag signal to cut off ratio...should i repeat my test?

Hello dear doctor

I have been worried about a situation for quit sometime now...I was dation a not very honest person who was cheating on e at the time.....my last encounter with this person was 10 weeks before the test and it was protected oral sex and unprotected boobjob and handjob...after that i realized he had been cheating i got tested at 3 weeks and it was negative i also got tested at 10 weeks for both HIV Abs and HIV ag and it was negative but my HIV p24 Ag had a sigal to cut off ratio of 0.45 which scared me...I called the lab doctor and they tld me anything less than 0.9 is considered negative but they had never seen such a high signal cut off ratio for a HIV negative person...

should i get worried and get tested again?..

.isn't my sensitive 10 weeks test reliable?
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thank you so much for replying...my concern is i've read alot of cmments about index vales and everyones was a lot less than 0.4...what does that mean...should i worry about my HIV Ag p24 = 0.45? or any negative is negative so forexample a 0.7 is no different from 0.45?
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You never had an exposure.
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