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HIV Contraction/PCR test reliability

Thank you guys in advance and for the good you are doing.

Here is the situation, 7 days ago, I had a protected 20 second bj from a masseuse in a massage parlor in southeast aisa followed by vaginal intercourse using the same condom. I believe The condom didn't break because when I pulled out it was still on my penis and semen still inside it. I've read that had the condom break, it would be very obvious. But my paranoia keeps me thinking what if there was a small cut on it. I also fingered her vagina for about a minute.

I am married with a small 1 year old boy. I've never done this before and I'm extremely guilty and not sure if this is attributing to my negative thoughts and symptoms.
2 days after the encounter, and until now, I started to feel lightheaded, nauseous, and actually tried to vomit. I feel feverish but no fever above 98.4F  I also feel fatigued and low energy. I don't sleep well at all I'm constantly online researching and feeling scared because some other websites like thebody and healthline info page characterize my incounter as "low risk", which is different from "negligible risk" but you guys have different opinions.
I'm so scared of the possibility of contracting hiv and ruining my entire family's life and losing everything.

I asked an STD clinic here in Dubai and they offer antigen/antibody test starting at 30 days passed exposure or a PCR test after 7 days past exposure. The doctor I spoke with told me to take the PCR test after 7 days and be done with my worries. He didn't seem knowledgeable and therefore I don't have a lot of confidence in his words and I don't know if his answers are financially motivated since the PCR here is expensive.

Reading about PCR false positive result is making worry because if I get one I will probably die.
1- what is the accuracy of PCR test after 7-10 days?
2- how does it come back positive if it test for a specific virus? How can it detect HIV virus if it's not there? "False positive"
3- what is your opinion about the earliest test I can take and the types of tests that will give me an accurate result, if you don't agree with taking the PCR now?
The stress is killing me and I don't think I can wait 3 months without anything.
4- what do you think of my symptoms? Is it ARS?

Thank you
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Hello, any experienced members please can you answer my questions?
Yesterday, I started to have a dry cough and swollen nodes! What do you think?
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Only sex risks are unprotected anal or vaginal which you obviously didn't have, so you had zero risk. HIV is inactivated in air and also in saliva, so kissing and oral can't spread it. You had zero risk, so are wasting your time testing.
You likely have psychosomatic symptoms that you think are real, because you think you are dying which is natural because of the faulty premise that you were at risk. People's temperatures normally vary through the day.   Or you had a flu like everyone else gets and they don't have HIV or even think they do, so try to follow their lead.
Now that you know better, try to relax and likely the symptoms will vanish, otherwise see your doc to see what you have, since it is definitely not HIV.
No one her cares what other sites say as we rely on CDC guidelines and expert doctors.
Thank you for the reply. Reading your words are making feel better. I really hope these symptoms will vanish as I try to relax.

If you don't mind, I would like you to clarify a point just to be sure (and input from other experienced members will also help me sleep at night).

1- you have mentioned my experience as "Zero Risk" not low, not a fraction percent, but Zero. And I just want you to clarify that because as you probably know, a tiny percentage becomes 99% when considering how traumatic the risk of losing my family.
2- does the fact that the incounter was  with a sex worker in that part of the world changes anything?
3- just for my own knowledge, can you answer my question regarding the PCR test in the original post?

Thank you, I truly appreciate it.
Sorry, a couple more!
How many people do you know of, if any, were told they had "no risk" in the forum but ended up contracting HIV?
Based on my encounter can I be sure to reassume relations with my wife?

Thanks again.
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