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HIV Exposure


I am athletically built and normally work out so i keep a nice not bulking but lean body appearance. A month and two weeks ago i was diagnosed with HSV2, sucks but I have gotten over it.

Throughout the same month, I was finishing up studying for my MCAT over that last month. So the stress of HSV2 and also trying to prepare for the test kept me out of the gym. Smoking marijuana often and also not going to the gym. In turn I have lost 4-5 pounds over the last month and few weeks and a couple pants sizes.

I am worried that I may have HIV knowing that people with HSV2 are more likely to get HIV. I have not had an encounter since then. So I am under the impression that I got it at the same time, if I even did. I got it HSV2 from a CSW. Skin to skin contact.

So im reading the symptoms now, weight loss- which i had, and just a few joint/muscle paints. No swollen lympnodes- which i was definitely able to notice during my hsv2 outbreak.

All in all I'm worried I have HIV because of my contact with a CSW, but more so because of the size loss. I feel like im trying to blame it on the stress. Note: All my other test came back negative after 3 weeks, including my hsv2 test. It took the lesion test for it to comeback positive.

Do I have HIV?

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You had no risk. HIV tests look for HIV which you were already told that you were not exposed to. When you're not exposed in the first place, obviously you'll get a negative test because there is nothing to find.
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What was your risk?
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Not sure exactly what that means but I wore protection no breaks or anything. We actually only had begun the act of having sex for about 25 seconds before stopping and switching to oral, still with a condom.

I hope that answers your question.
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You had no HIV risk.
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Weight loss just half stress + half me conjuring up symptoms in my head?

Thanks by the way. Greatly appreciated.
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I also got tested at my 10/11 week mark and the results on the OraSwab and Blood Test both came back Negative. I assume I am good? Thanks again for the help.
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