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HIV Infection - Should I still be worried?

I had unprotected insertive anal sex with someone of unknown status, no longer than 10 minutes. He claims he's free of anything, but got annoyed when I kept bothering him about a possible HIV infection. When I asked him for reassurance, he told me "get tested in 6 months thats your reassurance". But I can't have my life essentially on hold for that long of a time.

I'm so worried, and can't believe I made such a silly mistake, especially with someone I don't even know. It's been a little over two weeks and I have zero symptoms so far although that's kind of meaningless. I took the Aptima early detection HIV RNA test at 11 days post exposure and my result was not detected. I felt better but I'm reading that it's not conclusive, and I still have to get tested at 4-6 weeks.

Should I be overly concerned? Considering all my factors such as:

- I was top which poses a risk still but a lower one.
- I don't even know if my partner was positive, I could be worrying about nothing.
- While it can only take one time, odds are it doesn't. Only one potential exposure...
- I've had zero symptoms so far.
- The big thing going for me I think is the RNA test. I've read that false negatives are nonexistent. I feel like this should make me fairly confident but since it's technically not "conclusive" I'm still extremely anxious all the time...

I'm just interested in hearing what any of you think. I'm just really hoping this is a lesson learned for me. Thanks in advance.
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Hi, testing conclusive for hiv would be 3 months post exposure.
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its is important to get tested as soon as possible regardless of whether you have experienced the symptoms or not. Early detection is very important so consult your doctor for a prompt test and treatment that may give you regarding to your concern.
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Is the fact that i was negative on an early detection test a strong sign I'm not infected though?
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Any negative is good.
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No, first off you took the wrong test. 3 months post exposure with the correct test will be conclusive.
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"Wrong test"? I know that an antibody test 3 months post exposure is truly a diagnosis but you're acting like the test is totally useless.

I wasn't asking if it's conclusive, I asked whether or not it's a strong indication. I've seen you going around dismissing this test, and I get trying to inform people it's not meant on its own as a diagnostic test. But it's a highly sensitive test that HAS to mean something...
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An RNA test is not used to diagnose HIV, it's to confirm a positive test result. If you knew what you were talking about that would be one thing but you don't.
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Again, i NEVER said its conclusive and I'm free of HIV. I'm simply wondering whether or not it's a good indicator of what the antibody test will be. You're arguing with yourself
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No and again that is not what the purpose of the PCR-RNA test.
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