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Hello I have read that the RNA PCR test is for early test to see if your infected. I had mine at 10 days post exposure that was in the time frame for the RNA Test it came back negative. I know this test alone is not conclusive but gives you anywhere from at 95percent accurate to 99 percent. My question is when I got back in another 2 weeks and get my 4 generation test are my result likely to change from the RNA test? I had unproteced vaginal intercourse.
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It's very unlikely to change. A 4th gen test at 4 weeks however would be your final definiteve test for a conclusive result.
Thank you very much
I'm going back for my 4th generation test Tuesday. I'm really stressed out I fear every day that ars will start. I'm trying to believe in my RNA test at 10 days by pcr. Any helpful advice anyone can give me?
Only test can provide a result. Try to focus on the fact that nothing is or can point toward HIV so symptoms will not provide an answer, and stop Googling and examining your body COLD TURKEY looking for information that can't exist.
Hello again I got the results back on my test today. My 4th generation test was negative for the antigens and antibodies. This test marked the 25th day of post exposure. My rna test was negative at 10days. Can I move on with my life and out this behind me now?
You should have used RFGUSA advice instead of testing early. If you could test earlier then the guidelines would change.
Still very very unlikely to change. But the 4th gen test is not yet conclusive until 28 days.
Yea sorry about the early testing at 25 days it was the only appointment I could make at this time. I didnt think 3 days would make such a huge difference.
There would be no purpose in establishing window period if it didn't make a difference.
Oh no it doesnt. Its very indicative youre negative but still not 100% conclusive.
Anxiousnomore I appreciate your advice and your comments on my post I really do and you do have valid points thank you for that. Testing windows for the p24 antigen says it detectable from 14 days on wards for a short while. I assumed that since I was duo test it would have picked it up for certain but then again like you said there are reasons why there are window periods because I guess everyone's body reacts differently. RFGUSA I appreciate your advice as well I guess it will be another long 3 weeks till I can test again but in the mean time I will hold on to the hope you gave me from the RNA test negative at 10days till the negative 4th gen I took.
Hello everyone I hope all is well with you today. I have just took a rapid antibody test 6.5 weeks after exposed came back negative. I know this is not the 4th genration tedy I wish it was but it was the only free test available today it was a finger stick test. Alittle recap I tested negative hiv rna 10days post exposed 25 days 4th genration negative and today 6.5 week rapid antibody negative. Should I still need to test until 12weeks since this test was not a 4th generation?
There was a comment removed saying I was conclusive and to move on. Why did it get deleted so I still need to test?
I think the post was an error because "I know this is not the 4th generation " says it all.

It is purposeless to test inside a window period.
Anxiousnomore can you help clear some things up for me so I can quit being a pain I apologize for this. 1 the hiv rna pcr test  I read from aids foundation in sanfranciso said had a window period of 10days. The 4th generation test has a window period of 28 days, witch in return you have stated that would be a conclusive result. The 6.5 week rapid test I took was negative as well from where I have read that test is unlikely to change at 13 weeks. My question is why are there misleading sites about hiv window periods and conclusive results. Such as Dr.Tan , Std check website where you can test threw them.
Let's put it this way - the odds that you have been infected and had all of these negative tests are VERY close to zero.  You're right - your 6.5 week result is unlikely to change.  No one is misleading you.  We're just going by the very conservative guidelines that indicate the antibody-only test is conclusive at 12 weeks.   You haven't taken a conclusive test at the right time yet, so no one can say you are 100% negative, but the odds of getting a positive are extremely slim.
Curfewx o should have been more specific every here has been a great help and not misleading. The internet and different websites and different information can be misleading I appreciate you and everyone here.
No worries - I didn't take it the wrong way.  There's a lot of confusing information all over the internet.   Whenever you try to sort out what is true, listen to doctors who are experts in the field of HIV, or to those who repeat their advice.  I have been on some sites where you can ask a doctor about HIV, but the person who answers isn't necessarily an expert in HIV, and have seen those docs giving out WRONG information!!  I found a site where an eye doc was answering HIV questions, badly :(  Just hang in there and collect your negative result soon.
Much appreciated very thankful for this site and thankful for everyone that helps have a good day.
Hey everyone hope all is well with everyone! Tomorrow I get my conclusive result I will post my results either way. Fingers crossed it is negative! Had some rash on my upper back dont if its eczema from the heat that looks like but either way no other symptoms. That is the only fear of my results tomorrow if anyone has time can they give me advice if that's part of ars. Thank you
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