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HIV RNA TEST (viral load) result after 9 days

Dear doctor, I am extremely nervous after the gay sex. I am worried his pre-cum on his finger inserting into my anus and there might be unknown injuries. I took the HIV RNA TEST to check the virus itself 9 days after the sex. The technology of RNA won't report if viral load below 50copies per ml. I heard some academic papers said the virus replicates very very fast after the infection and it is easy to find viral load above the threshold. Questions: (1) how dangerous my sex (pre-cum infection) is? (2) for a young and immune heathy man, is it possible to find the viral load above 50copies per  9 days after the sex? By the way, the antibody test 9 days was negative with 3rd generation test method. I had no symptoms. Thank you for giving any professional advice.
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You never had an exposure.
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Thank you for saying so. I'm looking for more convincing advice.
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Then go to the Expert Forum, because you never had an exposure.
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This is a double post. You asked the same question yesterday.

You had no risk so all of this testing is for nothing. Fingering is not a risk, as has been discussed in here over and over again. You didn't have anal sex therefore you had no exposure. End of story.
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