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HIV Risk Exposure (mutual masturbation)


I have read over countless questions regarding this scenario that came to the same conclusion…mutual masturbation even with semen and cuts present is essentially a zero risk event. However, there is a slight difference for me since I have a Prince Albert piercing. There is a hole coming from the bottom of the penis head up to the urethra.

The other day I gave a handjob to a man that eventually led to his semen all over my penis/genitals which I used to masturbate myself. (The piercing wasn’t in at this time). I’m pretty sure some of his semen made it’s way into the piercing hole. Would this put me at any higher risk than normal hand to genital play? Sorry that this may be redundant but it may help put my mind at ease hearing someone else’s opinion.
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It sounds like you've read through the forum before.  If you have, you see that this moderated (expert guided) forum states three risks and three risks only for HIV transmission. They include having unprotected, penetrating vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. That's it. You had no risk and do not need to worry or test.  
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I figured that would be the answer, but I do appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thank you!
No problem. Keep using condoms to protect yourself.
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