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HIV Risk - Protected sex at massage parlour

Hi All,

On July 6, I had a fully protected sex at a massage parlour (condom was on full time for oral and vaginal). No deep kissing and no other part of my body came in contact with vaginal fluid. At the end, condom was intact (no tears). However, I bite my fingers a lot and have unbroken skin and I may have accidentally touched the bottom with my fingers on the condom (outside section and base of the penis) to tie a knot for disposal. Soon after I cleaned my hands with tissue and also with soap.

I am nervous as it was my 1st time, I do not know if there is a possibility of catching HIV this way?

It's day 9 and No symptoms so far, I had a little sore throat on the same day as July 6 due to weather fluctuations and I feel fine now

Please advise, I have scheduled a 4th generation test on July 27. I am freaking out.
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Quick question, I know its an HIV forum, with the above situation what is the risk associated with Hep B, Syphillis ?

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Hi again, it's day 12, no symptoms so far. However, the test I have booked on July 27 is making anxious.

I got my urine test report for Chlamydia and Gonnorhea, both are negative.

The thoughts keep coming in my mind again as it was my first time.

Should I be really concerned with protected vaginal sex and oral sex with a SW(unknown std/hiv status) and the condom was intact?
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I am not sure why you are writing this again as if you weren't given clear answers.  You were told what the risks were. You didn't have a risk. You used a condom and would know if it wasn't intact, they rip wide open. If your anxiety is preventing you from moving past the irrational fear and constant loop of worry, it would be best to work on the anxiety.  That's a treatable condition.
"  I have given you the facts - it is up to you whether to accept them or not."
Seek therapy because your anxiety is a bit of a mental illness at this point, since a test is a waste of your time, yet you booked it and are back explaining that you think you know more than we do about hiv.
Dear GuitarRox and AnxiousNoMore,

I appreciate your quick response, yes, I agree I am dealing with anxiety.

A bit more anxious as it was my first time ever and also that I live alone with no social circle and may be it's just a guilt. I am trying hard not to think much and move on with the life.

AnxiousNoMore, I apologize, but my doctor recommended me to me to take the test after 3 weeks just for peace of mind. She too, did tell me that it's not a risk if the condom remained in place.

From all the previous post I've read and the feedback received for you guys is highly appreciated.

Currently, I am dealing with lack of knowledge and anxiety.

The doctor told you to test so he could get you out of his office in order to free up time for people who actually have a health problem.
You are dealing with refusal to accept the advice so I don't know why you keep coming back here arguing that you know better.  
Your anxiety is a bit of a mental illness. Seek therapy because no one here can treat this problem.
Dear AnxiousNoMore,

I'll take your advise, I am clearly thinking out of guilt and that's causing anxiety.

May be I should just let the feeling go and live a normal life and make sure I never repeat such an act again and try to be in a monogamous relationship.
If you aren't in a monogamous relationship you are safe as long as the condom doesn't break which is fairly rare. So you have options as long as the condom doesn't fail.
It is unlikely the massage person has hiv, otherwise why would they waste money on condoms because they only use them to protect themselves from customers, not the other way around. I would just relax if I was you and see if you can forget about this.
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Re-read my response.  Members in this forum do not offer anxiety support.  I have given you the facts - it is up to you whether to accept them or not.
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Thank you for the assurance!

I believe you :-). My apologies as it was my first time and thus, anxious. I will try to stay calm.

Again, thank you.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

Nothing else you can think of would put you at risk for HIV.  NOTHING.  You cannot get HIV or any STD through your hands, no matter what.   HIV is never contracted through minor cuts or scrapes anywhere on the body.
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Thank you for the response.

What if some vaginal fluid was on the condom and while putting the knot it touched my broken skin on my fingers. I did feel lubricant on my fingers. I am becoming paranoid and extremely anxious.
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You have a closed thread this month. Didn't you post on the hiv prevention forum earlier about this zero risk event?  
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Hi, I am new on this forum and this is my 1st query.

Any advice on the above situation?
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I apologize , please see correction

.....I bite my fingers a lot and have broken skin and I may have accidentally touched the bottom of the condom....
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