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HIV Risk from giving oral post dental cleaning?

First and foremost, thanks for your time in reading this and responding.

I know from reading the posts on here that the risk of getting HIV from giving a man a blow job is very,very slim, however, I wanted to ask what are the dangers of giving a blow job a few hours after a dental cleaning?

I am a female and had a "friends with benefits" with a man for about 4 months. We had condom protected vaginal sex about 4 times in that 4 month period. I gave him oral without a condom about 5 times within that 4 month period. He told me that he had been tested a few months prior to our first interaction and was HIV negative and didn't have any other STI's. In our last sexual interaction, I only gave him a blow job, however, it was roughly 3-4 hours after having a dental cleaning in which my gums bled a bit. My gums were not bleeding at all when I gave him a blow job. He came in my mouth and I immediately swallowed.

I had a Uni-Gold rapid test 35 days after the last blow job a mentioned above and 106 days after our first sexual encounter. It came back negative for both HIV 1 & 2. I also got tested for all STI's and came back fine on those too. Do you think that I have any cause to worry at all? The person who administered the test at the clinic told me that even though the last occurrence was under 3 months and we used protection during vaginal intercourse there was no need to repeat the test as I was tested past the 4 week mark and oral sex carries a very low risk but I would love a second opinion.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I am trying to delete this one and post to the medical boards instead!
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I have been unable to delete this posting. If a moderator sees this, please confirm that my paid posting is still live/active and delete this one. I don't wish to spam at all.
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