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HIV Risk mutual masturbation

Hello. I am deeply worried. I know from the threads here that mutual masturbation poses no risk in sti/hiv. I had mutual masturbation with a masseuse and i think there was fluid in the massager’s hand while performing hand hob to me. I came and decided not to wipe the semen because the towel and place were dirty ( i was itching during the massage). My underwear was wet for an hour before taking it off. A day after, i experienced painful urination and was later on diagnosed with non gonococcal urethritis which can be transmitted sexually and this freaked me out. Does this mean that it is also possible that i can get HIV? pls help me. I understand that transmission should happen inside but what if the fluid enters my urethra?
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No, you were not at risk for HIV transmission from mutual masturbation and wearing your underwear without cleaning up after.  HIV is only spread through unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  It has to take place inside the body.  So, this was not a risk in any way for HIV.  NGU or NON gonococcal urethritis means it was NOT caused by gonorrhea.  You can get NGU from touching but you can NOT get hiv that way.  
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I was just so worried that from a simple handjob (with partners semen) caused me NGU. Is it also because of  the dirty place and my poor personal hygiene?
Apologies for the bad english. The massager was a man.
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When engaging on a mutual masturbation is normal to get body fluids in our hands and body, but this situation has never resulted in a single case of infection along the 40 years of history of HIV. The only ways this virus is spread are:
-Unprotected anal/vaginal penetrations.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-Mother to child.

All the best.
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