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HIV / STD By receiving oral sex from sex worker first time

hello to all members on this forum! you all doing great on here!

i'm male straight please please read my story i'm sorry i'm not very good at in english!!
here's my story I've had FIRST time oral sex received from sex worker this is my very first time never had any sex related things! i'm soo scared an i cant eat / sleep / work anything even i cant speak !
almost 2 months ago i've received it an i after two weeks i've no pain but i've itching on my penis inside an then two days ago i've had clear discharge / grey at the morning discharge was very bright when i squees it i can see yellowish drop an then i went to clinic an showed him an then doc gave me doxy for 1 week an then he request VDRL test an urine culture i've done those an everything clear but he told me i've pus in urine 46 i think then i took my doxy then everything clear ive no discharge. almost 2 month an 1 week right now. but i'm still scared about HIV
also HSV but i know HSV is rare it i infected then have to see penile sores but there's nothing on my penis. everything clear same as before but! only thing that i'm scared about HIV i cant forget it. i did normal test after 2 week an 4 days i think it was negative but i know its not 100%, but i'm scared  about this i didnt see any cuts on her mouth but shes drug user she had very bad teeth an even voice was bad as well an i didnt see any Blood actually but i'm scared  about this !!

1-please tell me the risk of HIV do i need to test ??
2-what does that mean of Pus cells ??? it was 45-46 ??
3-i didn't develop any sores on my penis so i dont need to test hsv ??
4- an what you guys think about my situation ?? this was my very first thing i won't do this again!!!

Please help me guys this is my very first time i never had anything like this before.

(and where is Teak ? is he's left on this forum ?)
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Oral sex is no risk. Go back to sleep because you're fine and have no reason to worry. You had no risk of HIV. No risk means you don't need to test.
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She just sucked all sperms an slipped out.  Do i have a risk?
An what if she sucked hiv positive person spems before, giving me oral sex?  Does this increase it?  ☹️  I kne that shr doing this to all her clients.
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Hello thank you very much for the comments an please awnser above questions guys um so scared. It's 4.46AM here i still cant sleep...

And i forgot to tell that i did finish it on her mouth she didn't open her mouth she just sucked all sperms im soo Afaird about that,  an what about above questions plzzz...  
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You had no risk. HIV is only able to infect adults through unprotected anal/vaginal sex and sharing drug works. Using a condom for penetration as you did carries no risk. Oral sex is not considered a risk because the enzymes in saliva render the virus unable to infect. You had no risk and don't need to test.
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by the way i'm from sri lanka, this thing happens almost 2 months an 2 weeks ago i think. please i'm looking for answers an yes it was unprotected an its like 10 minute ?
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