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HIV Test conclusive?

Hello. I was in contact with masseuse (unprotected vaginal) for 10 seconds (glans part of my penis was inserted her vagina) at the end of December 2021. After 29hrs of exposure, I had taken PEP regularly everyday for a month.

Today is 38th day after the PEP completion date (equal to 68th day after exposure). Today I tested the test and that HIV 1&2 P24 Test resulted with 0.14 (under 1.0) and non-reactive.

I kindly would like to know the followings;

1. Is the test considered conclusive because the test was quite earlier than exact 6 weeks (42 days)?
2. Can the value (0.14) possibly become higher between today (38th day) and 42nd day?
3. Could it be false negative because I tested few days earlier than the 42nd day?

Thank you very much Sirs/ Madams.
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While 12 weeks post pep is considered conclusive, a test 38 to 40 days post pep treatment would be very unlikely to change.  You had a really minimal risk to begin with.  I'd consider yourself done testing and you don't have hiv.
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A duo test is conclusive after 4 weeks and any other after 12. There is no test with a 42 day protocol.
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