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HIV Testing - 4th generation test

How reliable is a negative result from an HIV Abbott Architect Ag/Ab Combo test (4th generation) taken at the 28th day after possible exposure?

Considering that in Spain and France a 4th generation test at 6 weeks or 45 days is considered conclusive. Why is it still 3 months in other countries?

When should I retest?

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The scientific evidence shows that p24 combo tests are conclusive at 28 days post exposure. That said many regions, centres and hospitals may have different recommendations.
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Many Doctors and HIV experts state that 4th Gen combo is conclusive after 28 days. Also it is said that p24 can be detected way before it.
Some places are still being conservative but read through 'hiv combo' subjects on here and read replies from the Doctors and you will feel much better.
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Let me add, these specialists would not make such bold statements if they wasn't accurate and scientifically proven.
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I feel less worried now but why do I have swollen lymph nodes in my left armpit? I don't get it!!
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Many different things could be the cause. Go and see a Doctor. And maybe drop in stress/anxiety levels will start making you feel more human. It certainly worked for me.
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Can a small rash in my face about 1cm diameter be considered as an HIV rash?

Please help!
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It's itchy and it just appeared :(
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Has anyone ever known about a negative result at 28 days (4th generation) change later when testing again?

I'm very worried because I have maaany balls (lymph nodes?) in my armpits, pectorals and biceps zones... the zone hurts from time to time. And I found this glands just after getting my results. So is it possible getting a negative result and then on the next day having so many swollen nodes? Also have pains in jaw and groin but I don't feel glands there... and really bad headaches. No fever.

I tried to find in the CDC where it says that this test is conclusive at 4 weeks but I only found that it's 3-4 weeks less than 3rd gen tests (so 8 or 9 weeks conclusive?)

Please answer, help me!! :(
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I can't deal with this anymore :'( I just went to the toilet and had diahrrea.... My intestines are making a lot of noise now. I can't sleep...

No one answers me... I'm so sad.

I don't want to die of HIV...
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Please calm down.. your result shown that you are negative HIV..

I also got maaaaaannnnnyyyy swollen nodes ALL over my body and have almost all the ARS symptoms but i still receiving negative on 28 days, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks after exposure

what cause the thing that you experience now is anxiety.. just relax.. =)
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Diarrhoea is causesed by stress and anxiety too. Also it is said that the hiv rash is not itchy and seldom will hit the face first. And yes, you tested negative. You had a hiv test after needed window period and that test was negative.
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when I get checked for hiv in french anonymous testing centers some doctors tell me that a 4th generation test is conclusive 28 days (4 weeks) after exposure.
Some even tell me that for extremely high risk situations the same test is a rather good indicator.
of course official recommendation is 6 weeks.
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