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HIV and Fellatio for reciever

Soo I was basically surfing this site for past 2 days I found enough to put away cunnilingus (as a performer) & fluids getting on hands to your penis Although I cant find enough on fellatio My scenario is Iam receiving fellatio from a girl +ve for hiv what risks that put on me

Q1: What if she was heavily bleeding and her blood get all over my head to urethra

Q2: am I safe even when she was bleeding heavily- minor bleeding gums and giving me oral unprotected?

I know oral risk is soo close to zero but my main worry is what if she has bleeding mouth profusely....??

Thanks for taking time Docs and experts
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If you were checking out this site which is moderated for accuracy, you'd read that receiving fellatio is zero risk.  As it involves air and saliva, both of which inactivate the virus, it is not a risk for HIV. The only way adults get HIV in the real world is to have unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or share IV drug needles.  Even if she is bleeding, what you describe is not a risk.  You don't need to test or worry. No risk.
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Sir thanks for your reply but I just have one awkward question plizz That would end all my worries related to this once and for all

What if she bleeds insanely like from gums -wounds-to straight up vomiting blood ??

Am sorry this never happens alot but this still puzzles me

Thanks for ur reply Sir forever grateful this website cleared most of my doubts
Sorry to add lately and what if she coughs high amount of blood on my penis ???? Sir I know its highly unlikely but a answer would just relive all my worries Cheers!!
Doesn't change a thing.  For the reasons I already gave, this is not a risk for HIV.  You will not get HIV from oral sex, ever.  It just doesn't happen.  HIV has been studied for over 40 years.  In all those years, there has not been a proven and documented case of HIV resulting from oral sex.  You are not going to be the first person.  So, this is the last answer to you.  It's not a risk.  
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