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HIV and Gonorrhea Co-infections?


I was  recently diagnosed with Gornorrhea, the doctor gave me antibiotics. I was also got tested for HIV and the result was negative. But right now, I am terrified because CDC links gonorrhea and hiv co-infection. I don't exactly when I got the gonorrhea, but I believe maybe within 2 months only, and I got treated. My question is, was there a chance that I might have been exposed to HIV as well? assuming the person who gave me gonorrhea was also co-infected with HIV? I am very terrified now as the negative result I got from HIV was too soon, and the test might have not picked up. Please advise on this as I'm really scared. The pass 3 months I only performed unprotected oral sex, no orgasm inside my mouth, but there could have been cuts and I didn't notice. I had done oral sex with different persons lately. What are the chances of me getting the HIV as well? Please advise.

Thank you.
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Sorry, but I'm slightly confused about your risk(s).

If you have UNPROTECTED INSERTIVE VAGINAL sex, than the answer would be yes, you ARE at risk for both HIV and gonorrhea.

If you have only engaged in oral sex, then you are at risk for other STD's but not HIV.

I hope I managed to answer your question.

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Thanks. I only had unprotected oral sex. I performed oral sex. The thing is, if the person who infected me with gonorrhea, who happens to be co-infected with HIV, was my chance of getting HIV in that instance, High? I'm scared because CDC links relation between gonorrhea and HIV. I only performed oral sex, no cumming in my mouth, and let's assume at that time I had cuts. What was my chance of getting HIV? Please advise.

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(The CDC spends too much money covering their bums)
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I should also mentioned that the CDC, while claiming the co-infection stats, needs to make it extremely clear that co-infection is possible only IF the gonorrhea is left untreated. Yours was not. Zero chance of cross infection.  
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Thank you. What about me receiving unprotected oral sex from an HIV+ person who has cuts in his mouth, and bleeding when he performed it on me? Will the HIV find its way through the urethra? Reason I ask is because i didn't do vaginal or anal insertive ever. But I did receive oral sex. And the positive gonorrhea was through my urine. What is the odds of me getting the HIV? I'm really terried now to think of it. Please advise
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If you only did oral, you have no risk for HIV even if your partner is +.

You DO put yourself at risk for other STD's and should test.

Since you are obviously anxious, test at 28 days post your LAST exposure with a 4th generation DUO test. Do a confirmatory test at 12 weeks for a 100% conclusive result.

Consider using condoms or dental dams while giving or receiving oral sex.  

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